The memory double mattress, not just for sleeping:

In bed you don’t just sleep, you can do other things too, so woe to those who choose the bad double mattress because a wrong choice, hasty and inaccurate, can have important repercussions on our rest, but also on our sex life.

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The remarkable qualities of an excellent mattress:

Sleeping on a good memory mattress can help reduce and contain problems in the spine, circulation and improve rest. Consequently, sleeping in the best way will be better even when awake, being more active in every respect.

This translates, logically, into an extra boost even under the covers. By being better we will be more energetic and more responsive even at the end of the day.

In this way, the memory mattress can help our body to deal with moments of intimacy with more serenity. Avoiding problems like pain, cramps, and tiredness negatively affect these moments. That is allowing you to fully enjoy your intimacy.

This is due to the intrinsic properties of memory foam, such as its exceptional ergonomics due to its ability to shape itself independently, adapting to the profile of the body in the most natural and suitable way so that we have the right support.

Memory: a friend of intimacy:

The immense quantity of mattresses on the market makes it impossible to identify the perfect mattress. Added to this is that a mattress that is good for sleeping, may not be suitable for our sex life and vice versa. Several articles exist on the net, which collects and demonstrate the merits and defects of various types of mattress, related to the sexual sphere. Despite this, before following the advice, opinions, and opinions of other consumers it is good to keep in mind that the mattress is subjective. So a mattress that appeals to us may not please others.

Many recommend spring mattresses, as they facilitate movement, even if they are noisy and could “make participants” neighbors, children and roommates of what is happening.

Others believe that it would be appropriate to choose a latex mattress for this purpose, which is elastic and silent. Even if, with time, it tends to sink, to sink and to be consumed, rapidly losing its characteristics.